As the Total Coordinator of the Electronics and Electric devices

First of all, I would like to say thank you for your support to everyone.
With our fine customers' support, We were able to celebrate our 80th anniversary on November 2014. Mizuta Seisakusho has a technical department of electricity and structure from foundation.
As a "total assembly manufacturer" by holding parts manufacturing technology and facilities, we have established a total support system for customers upstream to downstream of product development and will reach the present.
Our business as the parts supplier for the systems that generate electricity and transmit electricity, distribute power by receiving electricity, and social infrastructure. We also supply several parts of the products for Some famous electronics brand customers for a long time.
As a company that contributes to the community and society, we look forward to your continued business with our expectations, so please continue your favors toward the future.

Company Profile

Company Name
MIZUTA Seisakusho, Inc.
Representative Director and President  Jun Mizuta
Head Quarter / Head Factory / HQ West Warehouse
13-5, Nishi-shimmachi 3-Chome, Akashi-shi Hyogo 673-0023, Japan
Phone: 81-78-923-0673 (Main)
fax: 81-78-923-6124

Suzuricho Factory (Assembly / CFRP R&D)
9-8, Suzuricho 3-Chome, Akashi-shi Hyogo 673-0028, Japan
Phone: 81-78-923-5498 (main)
fax: 81-78-923-5638

Moritomo Factory (Molding)
12, Moritomo 5-Chome, Nishi-ku, Kobe-shi Hyogo 651-2132, Japan
Phone: 81-78-920-8254
fax: 81-78-920-8474
Certification site
Head Quarter / Head Factory / HQ West Warehouse
Suzuri Chou Factory
Moritomo Factory

10 million yen
Date of establishment
Number of employees
85 people / men 48 women 37 people (2018 August)
Amount of sales
Approximately 4 billion yen (2017 results)
Business item
Contract design and manufacture of electronic and electrical equipment
Contract design and manufacture of resin enclosures, mechanisms and functional parts of electronic and electrical equipment
Contract design and manufacture of custom terminal block
Contract design and manufacture of printed wiring boards
Development / manufacture of composite material (CFRP / GFRP / CFRTP) products
Contract manufacturing of resin mold
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
114 Bank
Shoko Chukin Bank
Japan policy Finance Corporation
Primary business partner
(Titles omitted, in no particular order)
Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd. Factories &Group companies 
Hanshinkiki Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric Industry System Co.,Ltd.
Tachibana Eletech Co.,Ltd.  Hasegawa Electric Co.,Ltd  Comota Co.,Ltd
Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd  Meidensha Corporation  Kawasaki Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd. Also, Heavy Industrial companies, Industrial Machine makers and Sales companies.
Related Companies
MIZUTA Trading&Sales(HK)LTD.

Factory Introduction

Head Quater

1F Printed circuit board(Inspection/Shipping)
2F Administration Unit
   (General Affairs / Accounting / Materials)
   Sales Unit
   Engineering Innovation Unit
   Quality Control Unit
3F Meeting room / Dining room

Main Factory

1F Molded part secondary processing / inspection
2F Unit production
   (Control equipment / Industrial equipment /
   Other assembled finished products)


Headquarters West warehouse / workshop

1F Terminal block for industrial equipment
   (acceptance / inspection / test / shipment)

Suzuricho Factory

South Building
1F Frame for Control Panel / Terminal Block
   Machining / Assembly / Inspection
2F Control Switch Production
3F Meeting room / Dining room
North Building
1F CFRP / CFRTP prototype laboratory /
   mass production factory
2F Business Innovation Unit


Moritomo Factory

Injection molding factory
(all electric molding machine)


Established in Nishiohji, Akashi-shi
Burnt factory due to war damage

Relocated to Funamachi, Akashi-shi · Rebuild factory
Factory relocation to Nishi-shimmachi, Akashi-shi
Suzuricho Factory opened
50th anniversary of foundation
Daido Factory Opened(Now Daido Warehouse)
Hanshin Awaji Earthquake caused complete collapse of headquarters building
Headquarters new building rebuilt · completion
ISO integration (9001/14001)
France Roctool Inc. (Roctool) contracted On "Heat & Cool system with rapid heating by electromagnetic induction" Acquire a technical license (development / production license)
Established "Carbon Fiber composite (CFRP / CFRTP)
Development Lab" at Suzuricho Plant
80th anniversary of foundation
CFRP / CFRTP web site "MIZUTA COMPOSITE" established