Management philosophy of MIZUTA Seisakusho

1. Be a trusted company by customers
2. Be a company that can respond to environmental change
3. Be a company with a good workplace
4. Be a company that can co-prosper with local communities
Based on this spirit, we have the following basic principles and action guidelines to preserve the global environment.

Basic Philosophy

In order to promote sustainable business activities in harmony with the global environment and the local community, we will endeavor to continuously preserve and improve the environment on a continuous basis through all business activities and employee actions.

Behavioral guidelines

  1. We are contributing to the development of society by supplying each product to a wide range of industrial fields such as electricity, transportation, medical treatment. However, recognizing that there are impacts on the environment, such as consumption of water, energy and material resources, waste discharging, etc., in product manufacturing, it is important to accurately grasp the impact of business activities and products on the environment and to prevent environmental pollution. As well as continuously we will improve environmental conservation activities.
  2. We will comply with environmental laws, ordinances, agreements and other requirements accepted by the Company and will work to further improve environmental management to the extent technically and economically possible.
  3. We will utilize manufacturing technologies that take environmental conservation into account and will promote reduction of environmental impact for the following items.
    1. Paperless using electronic media
    2. Waste reduction through systemization of recycling
    3. Utilization of energy and water efficiency
    4. Proper management of chemical substances and substitution and reduction of
      chemical substances with less environmental impact.
  4. We set goals and targets to achieve our environmental policy, develop concrete activities, and give a framework to periodically review through environmental internal audits etc.
  5. We will strive to prosper with local communities by communicating with relevant government agencies and local residents.
  6. Through in-house education etc., we will make all employees aware of the environmental policy and aim to raise awareness of environmental problems.
  7. We will also disclose this environmental policy to the general public.

1st January 2011
Representative Director and Chairman
Jun Mizuta